Doreen Santina Cote'

Spiritual Medium * Channel * Lightworker * Galactic Communication

Services Available:

Channeled Pahycic Readings

- Spirit speaks through me

- Phone Readings and Written Messages

Lightwave Infusion Therapy 

- a healing modality that I was attuned by Bryan de Flores. I connect to the matrix within me and I can balance clients Chakras, their energy and infuse in them items that will clear or balance within. Im' also attuned Reiki Master.

Akashic Records Readings

- each one of us has a book of our entire lives, past, present and future. I will bring down your book and answer questions you have about yourself.

Available Sessions:

Monday through Friday 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM Daily

Evening and Sunday appointments are available upon request

Available for Group Parties!


Doreens Channel

Cell: 248.249.7553

Located in

Davisburg, Michigan

Winter 2022 - Yuma Arizona

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Doreen's Bio

Doreen Santina Cote’ is a Spiritual Medium. Doreen began her Spiritual journey in 1995 and has been doing channeled readings since 2005.

Doreen channels Spirit, allowing Spirit to speak through her, taking on their mannerisms, speech and traits. Spirit may be an Angel, Ascended Master or someone who’s passed. Doreen is also a Light Worker, Reiki Master and Lightwave Infusion Therapist. For each reading Doreen centers herself in Divine space. The energy that comes through is for the client. Each session is unique as she calls upon Spirit to enter for both our highest good and highest intention. You will find Doreen at vendor fairs throughout Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and her home office on Big Lake in Davisburg, Michigan.

Doreen has been attuned to Lightwave Energy-Infusion. This new energy technique allows Doreen to transcend linear space and time to assist other on their journey into higher consciousness. At the end of each reading, Doreen will infuse an Accelerator, chosen by the client into their body. Know your body will only accept what is needed and discard the rest. An Accelerator image is a multidimensional templates that will upgrade your consciousness, help heal your body and expand your brain capacity. The image may look two-dimensional, but they are actually living, celestial, encodement matrixes. Each image has up to 50 active matrixes connected to it that are mirrored-in from other dimensions. For more details on Accelerator Images, please see, Bryan de Flores for all his extraordinary works.