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* * * August 2022 * * *   

This past July I had COVID.  I never thought I would get it, but I did.  It was at the 4th of July.  I had a cough, a headache and was extremely tired.  I contacted my doctor.  I didn't want to take a 5 day cycle of pills to ease the effects of Covid on my body.  My other option was to get an infusion.  Which I did.  The Covid symptoms, did not get worse, but I was down 1 1/2 weeks.  I'm so glad that is behind me.  On a side note, I did receive the Johnson & Johnson vacine.  One and done and I did not take any boosters.  I do not plan to take any boosters.  This is our choice and that is what I am sticking to.  No Boosters thank you.  

However, in July I paid to be a vendor at the Rock Your World Event, held in Saint Clair Shores.  I wasn't feeling good and took the "TEST".  Thank goodness i did, it came back "POSITIVE".   I stayed home i did not want to give anyone the Covid.  I rested and I'm thankful that others did not get Covid from me.  I so wanted to be there, but not with the Covid.  I'm in perfect health now and I am so much more thankful.

     This weekend, I am in Sault St. Marie, Michigan at Kewadin Casino, with the 12th Annual PARANORMAL  Expo on Friday and Saturday August 26 and 27th.  You can find me in the Bingo Hall Room, straight down the main aisle.  The same area I was located in, as last year.  Come and JOIN me, I look forward to seeing you.

 For more events that I will be at, please check out my Events Page.  I've listed the Events that I will be attending these upcoming months.

     Thankful is my word of the YEAR as we have so much to be thankful for:

   I am so thankful for Covid is behind me.  I don't ever want to stare Covid in the face again.  If I do.  I'm walking/running as fast as I can to stay far far away.  No more Covid is needed or wanted anywhere near me.   

 With that said I am so thankful to be alive and well.

     I am so thankful to all those that have come to me for a reading and those that are planning on having a reading. 

     I am so thankful to be connected to God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.  

     The messages that come forth are from the Divine Graces of these spirits.  Channeled for those to hear what they need to hear to help them release any block(s) that are holding them back.   Giving them insight into moving forward in their lives. 

     There is so much that can be covered in a reading, Mediumship, Channeling, Healing, Akashic Records Insight or Let's just see where this goes!  As I gaze into my etheric Crystal Ball, a connection is made, a Spiritual connection, giving the client the information they need to hear, to see to understand.

     As so many are feeling the shift that is taking place, there are those that welcome it and those that deny it.   Honor your soul and release any and all fear.  We as children of God Our Father, we are here to bring about change.   

Respectful change, of another, no matter who they are or where they come from.   Reach out and send your LOVE, HEALINGS and COMPASSION for all who cross your path.   You are not alone in this environment, you are one of an army, carrying your cross!  As you let go of the travisites that you carry, change will take place for you and those you meet.   We are Making a Change in our World!

Stay Strong

Stay Safe

Send Love

Send Healing

Most of all Recieve your Gifts that are being sent to you!

As we are open to giving and receiving more bliss will come your way. 

And So It IS!



In the meantime, I am available for Channeled Readings, please get with me via my phone 248.249.7553 call or text.  You can also reach me via my email address [email protected], to set up and appointment.

Looking forward to our next adventure. 



Journey to a Higher Consciousness 


Doreen Santina Cote

From Spiritual to Paranormal, many different venues on my Spiritual Journey and yours as well!   


With all that said the event cancellations have changed my world and yours as well. 

However know this, I am available and I look forward to talking and/or seeing you via Zoom, Facetime or just on the phone.

God Bless You All 

As God has blessed me with his connection

God is also blessing you with yours

In Faith and Love In Yourselves


this world we live in.

Check out my Events page to locate me to share my Spiritual Insights with you!

I'll be sharing my booth with many well known psychic's, stop by, we all look forward to seeing you.


For further details and other up coming events click on my EVENTS page

Love, light and universal energy was brought in for those I read. Channels were opened for the client to receive messages that were unique to them . This opportunity to work with each one of you was amazing and I thank you for the connections we had. I feel so blessed to exchange words, kindness, energy and especially messages from Spirit with the clients. Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!

I am a child of God, with a great gift, one of the greatest gifts your soul can receive. This gift is my peace of who I am. This gift of contacting Spirit, contacting them to give you the messages you need to hear to continue on your miraculous journey.

I am the channel. I am the channel that speaks to you in Divine Space. I am the channel speaking to you in Love and Light, giving you messages!

Come join me at the events listed on my Events page, at my home office or your personal event.

I look forward to our interactions as spirit will be guiding our time together.

On my Spiritual Journey, I've been following Bryan de Flores at LIGHTQUEST INTERNATIONAL since 2004. I use his multi-dimensional works of art "Accelerators" in my readings and also sell some of the Accelerator images at my events. He is truly amazing and I've taken many of his classes and purchased many of his "Accelerators". These are a must to see. 

 Check out his website, you will be amazed www.lightquest-intl.com

The following Language of Light designs are courtesy of Bryan de Flores at LIGHTQUEST INTERNATIONAL - www.lightquest-intl.com.

In Love and Light


You can reach me:

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